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A description of a Glulam repair - stage by stage
Repair of Glulam Beams and Glulam Structures
Using Rotafix specialist resins, we provided a permanent cost effective repair to these rotten and delaminated Glulam members.
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Expose decay and de-lamination of the Glulam beam or post
With the original decorations removed, the extent of rot and decay was fully assessed.
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Remove damaged Glulam laminates
Previous ineffective repairs and de-lamination of the Glulam beam were exposed, following which damaged laminates were removed.
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Bond the new and original Glulam laminates together
Following installation of new timber laminates, full depth cross dowels were installed to completely bond the new and existing laminates into a single composite structural member.
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Reconstruct the Glulam beam or post in resin where necessary
Carried out at the same time as the operation described above, the base of the Glulam member was cut back in preparation for a composite resin and timber laminate end to be constructed.
Redecorations were then carried out to complete the repair to as new condition.
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