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Precision Diamond Drilling & Abseil Access

Photo: Gloucester Cathedral where we used diamond drilling combined with protected access techniques to reinforce a failed pinnacle.
Precision Diamond Drilling
We use the method to form´┐╝ small diameter holes in a wide variety of materials prior to installation of remedial reinforcement.
The technique is essentially vibration free and keeps spalling of the material being drilled to a minimum.

Photos of just some applications for this technique are shown in our Precision Diamond Drilling photo album.

Gloucester Cathedral Merlons
A number of the Merlons were replaced by the Cathedral Masons. TRAC Structural Ltd then drilled 1.5 meters vertically down through stone approximately 125 mm thick and bonded in reinforcing rods. Photos on this album

Gloucester Cathedral Pinnacle
The Flying Buttress supporting the South West Pinnacle had collapsed. Following repair by the Cathedral Masons, TRAC Structural Ltd formed a 25mm diameter hole through the length of the Flying Buttress and grouted in a new tie bar. Photos on this album

Ludlow Castle Wall
Part of Ludlow Castle Wall had collapsed and before repairs could be designed information on the construction of the wall was required. TRAC Structural Ltd drilled 3 meter long holes, 25 mm diameter, to take core samples through the thickness of the wall to determine it's construction. Photos on this album
Abseil Access
When circumstances demand, we have the skills to carry out various works using abseil access, or more often to transfer those skills to provide protected access in difficult to reach situations.

Photos of some projects carried out in the past are shown in our Abseil Access photo album.

Abseil Access Surveys
We will carry out photographic, video, or visual surveys as required in support of our structural repairs services. Photos on this album

Helifix Installations and Concrete Repair
Projects have been completed on structures as diverse as Gloucester Cathedral, Local Authority Car Parks and Retaining Walls. Photos on this album

Rigging Artwork
This is a brief look back at the origins of our company. Shopping Centres, Hospitals and The British Library have all had Artwork rigged by TRAC Structural. Photos on this album
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